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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of our guests most common questions about our luxury tours.

Is alcohol allowed in your vehicles?

As our luxury motor-coach has separate driver and passenger spaces, open containers are absolutely allowed (if not encouraged) for guests to enjoy.  Whether you’re finishing a bottle between stops on a Yakima Valley wine tour, or want to start your shopping trip off with a mimosa.  Have at it!

As our Mercedes SUV is a passenger vehicle, open containers are illegal and alcohol may not be consumed inside of the vehicle.

Can people under 21 go on a wine tour?

Absolutely.  While they may not be able to enjoy the same flavors on your Yakima wine tour, they are welcome to ride along and have a great time.  Whether it’s your kids or younger friends, the younger crowd has been known to have a great time riding in style and accompanying you on your adventures.

Can we bring food?

Snacks are always encouraged no matter what type of tour you’re taking.  Our motor-coach is equipped with a mini wet bar as well as a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave.  While there are often places to stop and grab a bite to eat along the way, you’re more than welcome to bring your own eats!

Do I need to know where to go?

One thing that separates us from a number of other tour companies is our desire to work with you to create a custom tour based on your preferences.  Whether it’s what are the best places to go shopping in Bellevue or the best wineries in Walla Walla for a big bold Cabernet Sauvignon – we want you to be thrilled with your tour from start to finish.

How do I book a tour?

If you visit our booking page, you’ll find a form where you can request your type of tour and date.  This form will also collect your contact information so we can coordinate trip details and make sure we’re taking great care of you!

How do I pay for the tour?

Once we’ve solidified details for your tour, we will invoice you the amount due at which point you can pay us online, with a check, or in cash.  We will coordinate receiving your payment before your tour!

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