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Yakima Christmas Light Tours

kids are smiling AND christmas music is playing IN ALL THE BUSY STORES

It's that time of year again...

It’s time to talk about Yakima Christmas Light Tours. We decided this year it would be a great addition to our season offerings to include Christmas light tours in Yakima and the surrounding areas. Sure… we’ve got lots of lighted parades in Yakima from the State Fairgrounds down to the Holiday Lighted Farm Implement Parade in Sunnyside. Details about both of these incredible local events can be found through Yakima Valley Tourism on their website here. For now lets talk about how we can help you be a part of this season’s celebration.

have a great display?

let us know below.

We’d love to visit your home on our Yakima Christmas Light Tours so let us know where you’re located.

A limited number of tours are available this season.

Yakima Christmas Light Tours

You may be asking yourself what it will be like to come on a Christmas light tour with us around the Yakima Valley. We’re glad you asked. We’re looking forward to hosting a limited number of tours this Christmas season. These tours will go around the valley to see all of the families who choose to decorate their homes. From West Valley down to the lower valley, the route will come together as we research the best of the best light displays here in the valley. Have some great ideas for places to visit or a spectacular home yourself, let us know below as we build our plan for our own Yakima Christmas Light Tour Map.

These tours will consist of a multiple hour tour around the valley upon which food, alcohol, and most importantly fun are welcome. Tired of driving around looking for great places to go. Then grab the kids and your friends to let our professional drivers take you around the valley. After all, the season is about being together. Want to tag on a ride to and from your dinner locale?  Let’s talk details and make it happen!

Tour prices will vary depending upon your custom itinerary, but we do have a minimum tour time of 3 hours from start to finish.

Is there ever a bad time to do wine tasting the Yakima Valley?

Yakima Valley Wine Tours

You may be wondering, how do wine tours in Yakima Valley fit in to a Christmas celebration? Just one question. Is there a bad time to to do wine tasting in the Yakima Valley? It’s in that spirit that a lot of the wineries around the area decorate their estates. Beautiful Christmas light displays line the trees and some of them are serving up incredibly tasty mulled wines.  

While the tours won’t deviate far from the popular tours we do all spring, summer, and fall – we will certainly put a holiday spin on things for you!  Travel in style in our fully furnished motor coach while you get to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells while tasting Yakima Valley Wine. While it may be a little less ‘seasonal’, winter is certainly still a great time of year to enjoy the wine scene around the Yakima Valley.  First time visitor wondering what all the Yakima Valley has to offer year-round, check out our Discover Yakima page to find out more of what the valley is all about.

These tours will be aligned with the Yakima Valley Wine Tours we provide and pricing will be based on your custom itinerary.  Once you secure your date, we will coordinate all of the details and pricing!

Leavenworth Tree Lighting Ceremony

Leavenworth Tree Lighting is the icing on your Christmas Cake.

Leavenworth Christmas Light Tour

Want to head up north a little ways? Let’s go see the Leavenworth Christmas tree lighting or a tour of the lights around the Leavenworth area.  If you haven’t been, the Leavenworth Tree Lighting is the icing on your Christmas Cake.  The town and tourists gather around their community park, anticipating the arrival of teeny Christmas Dreams.  Suddenly thousands of bulbs share their light and leave the crowd in awe.

For these tours we provide you secure transportation, while you get to enjoy the ride. How about we let you all get comfortable where you can stretch out and enjoy a glass of your favorite beverage on the way.  We’re sure that sounds a little better than crammed into an SUV and driving yourself.

These tours will be available through the months of December and January and will be weather dependent. While we’d love to say for certain we will have clear weather to head over the pass, we just can’t!  Please understand if you book one of these tours that we may need some flexibility as the date approaches for weather reasons.

Merry Christmas!
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